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Homegrown and handmade from the ground-up!

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Because Agriculture Lives Here, each product sold by Genuine Skagit Valley is made with Skagit-grown materials, crafted by the hands of a Skagit artisan, or both! Locally sourced leather, lard, tallow, wool, and wood provide inspiration for farm-inspired home goods and body care.

Keep watching for wares created with leather from Skiyou Ranch and wool from Harmony Fields. Currently, handcrafted lard or tallow soaps showcase Mesman Farm and Egbert Acres. Shop GSV is in support of our local, agricultural economy and community.

Local artisans and makers whose talent shapes our products include Makerneer, Leaf Soaps, Forge & Nail, Cedarbrook Studio, and Crowell Photography.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your gifts. Packaging and products are plastic-free. Please expect slight variations in each handcrafted item. Proceeds support the awareness and recognition of Skagit Valley farmers and food producers. Thank you!