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Natural, handcrafted soaps made in the heart of the Skagit Valley, Washington. Pure, rendered tallow from Egbert Acres creates a nourishing and long-lasting bar of body soap. Therapeutic grade essential oils and Skagit-grown calendula flowers compliment the luxurious lather of each bar of Handcrafted Tallow & Calendula Soap. Premium ingredients also include organic coconut oil, local raw honey, lemon. Chamomile and lavender scent the bars.

Why tallow? 100% natural tallow from Egbert Acres is rich in vitamins A, D, E, and K which are not found in plant-based fats. Overall skin health is maintained by tallow’s non-greasy and nourishing properties. Those include unique anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial fats such as linoleic and palmitoleic acid. Centuries-old tradition lend themselves to the handcrafted soap that Lacey has perfected. Her workshop is located in Burlington, Washington.

Egbert Acres is a fourth-generation, family-owned farm on 60 acres in Bow, WA. Owners, Cynthia and Geoff Buchanan sustainably raise USDA certified beef, pork and lamb. Because the animal’s entire life cycle is lived on the farm, their acreage is active with piglets, lambs, and calves in the spring. Cynthia and Geoff practice pasture management, rotating various herds through the fields, resulting in forage regrowth and a higher pasture fertility. Egbert Acres is committed to the land, their customers, and their animals.