Genuine Skagit Valley seeks to support our region’s family farming culture and legacy by communicating the rich diversity of its agricultural abundance to all those seeking authentic connection to  the land, the people, and the food.

Our mission to promote the agricultural  products and services of the Skagit Valley has led to unique public-private partnerships.  We’ve helped foster the building of a new sense of community between farmers, and the organizations and policy makers that coordinate and administer local resources. 

The members of the Skagit Innovation Partnership Zone committee crystalized a vision of the Genuine Skagit Valley program that invites participation from growers, brewers, nursery producers, service providers, associations, and others who shape the agri-business landscape. The Genuine Skagit Valley team brings that vision into reality by working to connect with people throughout the Skagit food web, from the farms to the chefs to the retail and wholesale buyers, and raising awareness of Skagit’s diverse offerings.

 A survey performed in 2029 found that over 50% of respondents were unaware of Skagit agricultural products such that they could not name even one!  The Genuine Skagit Valley aims to change that. Our work helps Skagit Valley’s family farms and supporting businesses prosper through promotional programs like Farmstand Fresh, social media campaigns, media outreach, and the eye-catching Certification Mark displayed wherever Genuine Skagit Valley member items are sold. 

The investment is paying off, and we are moving the needle. You can help us secure Skagit Valley’s farming heritage well into the future through your generous donation to the Genuine Skagit Valley program today. Thank you!