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The Skagit Valley has been supplying the region, state, and world with nearly every crop imaginable since the first commercial harvest of potatoes in 1853. Today, the region cultivates over 80 crops. Genuine Skagit Valley supports the growers and producers of the Skagit Valley. By promoting our distinctive farm-raised flavors, culture, and heritage to the region and the world, we aim to sustain farming for generations to come.

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We tip our hats to hands that feed us – the farmers, ranchers, fishermen, millers, bakers, brewers, chefs, and all growers and food producers of the Skagit Valley, Washington.


Want a fresh take on fresh foods? We’re teaming up with farm stores and chefs to offer virtual kitchen inspiration! Shop at participating farm stands and sign up for a free Zoom session by a local chef and enter to win gift certificates to Skagit restaurants.

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Bow Hill Blueberries owner Ezra Ranz on tractor

Bow Hill Blueberries

Heading west on Bow Hill Road you’ll see a large, hand-painted sign announcing Bow Hill Blueberries, the oldest family-run blueberry farm in Skagit Valley. Many locals have fond memories of working the harvest in these same fields as young adults. This 8 acre farm was established in 1947 and continues today producing heirloom, organic blueberries. Pull…
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Featured Recipe

The 12th Man Smoothie with Bow Hill Blueberries

Bow Hill Blueberries 12th Man Smoothie

It’s game day every day with Bow Hill Blueberries’ 12th Man Smoothie. Take advantage of the health benefits of blueberries before the tailgating begins! Both Organic Heirloom Blueberry Powder, frozen berries and Organic Heirloom Blueberry Juice add a nutritious boost to this smoothie. The powder, antioxidant-rich, high fiber and nutrient-dense, is made from a blend…
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