La Conner Gardens
La Conner Gardens is an organic family farm that specializes in homegrown vegetables, flowers and five varieties of garlic.
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La Conner Gardens

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Margy & Chris Dariotis’s beautiful roadside stand greets visitors and locals alike with organic fresh produce and flowers. Their 18 acre farm specializes in gourmet varieties of tomatoes, beans and peppers, plus various other fruits, vegetables, and flowers that vary throughout the season. But what La Conner Gardens is most known for are the unique varieties of garlic offered at the stand. Planted in fall and harvested in summer, La Conner Gardens produces five specialty garlic varieties. The farmstand has been featured on our summer Farmstand Fresh program for the past two summers.

Drawing on Chris’s education including a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture degree, Sustainable Farming Certification, and Organic Food Producer certificate, La Conner Gardens grows all produce using organic methods. One example of this is a recent application of 30 million Beneficial Nematodes to control soil borne insects, rather than using non-organic methods.

La Conner Gardens

We recently caught up with Margy and Chris at the farm and asked them what their favorite Skagit Valley grown fruit and/or vegetable was. “Our favorite vegetable is garlic. We are currently growing 5 varieties, each with unique flavor. It grows all winter when the rest of the farm is sleeping. Once harvested it has a long shelf life.”

La Conner Gardens is located a mile east of downtown La Conner on the corner of Chilberg & Hulbert Rd. They are open most of the year through a self-service farmstand. Produce and flowers vary from week to week. Venmo and Cash are accepted at the farm stand.

We’re thrilled to feature La Conner Gardens as this week’s #GSVMemberMonday feature and hope you will stop by their stand and say hello!

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