Member Benefits

The Genuine Skagit Valley program and its federally registered Certification Mark enhance recognition of Skagit Valley agriculture goods and services throughout the nation and the world. Join the drive to preserve our natural heritage, develop a diverse and sustainable economy, and enhance the image, perception, and success of our local agricultural economy.

Gain ongoing support

The Northwest Agricultural Business Center and the GSV Marketing Director provide ongoing technical assistance to the GSV producer members. Producer and product promotion is supported online and in the community by NABC’s GSV team, the Puget Sound Food Hub, partners on the IPZ & GSV Advisory Committees, and current GSV members.

GSV Director Blake Vanfield shares the history of Genuine Skagit Valley and what makes agriculture so special in the Skagit Valley with Washington Grown.

Genuine Skagit Valley Certification Mark

Agricultural products that are grown entirely in the Skagit Valley as well as agriculture-related service providers that are based in Skagit County qualify for identification by the Genuine Skagit Valley certification mark. Members have the right to use the Genuine Skagit Valley mark on packaging, signage, online formats, and more, as part of the energized regional marketing effort.

Member Benefits

Advertising and media campaign inclusion

In-store displays and outreach

Website listing & profile; social media

Retail, wholesale, and industry tradeshows

Online business development resource library

GSV Brand Promise workshops

“Skagit Valley is an incredible place. We have 80 commercial crops of significance that grow here in the Valley. Our community and economy is based on the viability of agriculture, so by supporting Genuine Skagit, you’re supporting farmers, you are supporting a small community. And, you are continuing to ensure that there is a next generation of farmers.”

Angela Speer, President and COO Spinach Bus Ventures

Skagit Valley Innovation Partnership Zone

The Genuine Skagit Valley mark was developed under the Skagit Valley Innovation Partnership Zone by collaborators Washington State University, Port of Skagit, Skagit County, City of Mount Vernon, Skagit Valley College, The Northwest Agriculture Business Center (NABC),Economic Development Alliance of Skagit County, Northwest Innovation Resource Center, farmers, and entrepreneurs, and many other organizations. The Skagit Valley Value‐Added Agriculture Innovation Partnership Zone nurtures partnerships to enhance the local agricultural industry, promoting innovative approaches that combine research and technology producing new jobs and a robust economy centered on the valley’s rich agricultural resources and heritage.

Building a hoop house at Blanchard Mountain Farm, Skagit Valley Washington

Our Programs

Farmstand Fresh
Farmstand Fresh celebrates the working farms and farm stands of the Skagit Valley. Concentrated media outreach brings locals and visitors alike to Skagit’s farm stores. The program encourages purchases of fresh-from-the-farm bounty for the months of July and August. The goal is to increase sales of agricultural goods while continuing to connect visitors to Skagit farms in the months between Tulip and Harvest festivals.

GSV Pantry
The Genuine Skagit Valley Pantry is an in-store, consolidated product promotional display featuring distinctive Skagit Valley foods. Producers who sell through the Puget Sound Food Hub are showcased. Through video, consumers connect to Skagit farmers and food producers, learning how their food is grown and made . . . and cooked!