The Genuine Skagit Valley Certification Mark on Sauk Farm Apple Cider
Member Benefits

GSV Certification Mark

The core principle of the Genuine Skagit Valley program is to connect consumers with the authentic Skagit Valley experience: the people, the tastes, the sense of place. That’s why GENUINE is at the core of our federally registered Certification Mark. 

Use of the Mark

Use of the federally Mark is limited to current Genuine Skagit Valley members.  The term of membership is one year. The annual fee to use the Certification Mark is $250.00.

Retailers are encouraged to use the Mark at the point of sale for fresh products grown in Skagit Valley and products that are processed or produced with their defining ingredients predominately sourced from Skagit Valley.

Qualifying Member Attributes

Agricultural Food Products:

  • Quality agricultural food products 100% grown in the Skagit Valley. 
  • Processed food items require defining ingredients to be predominately sourced from the Skagit Valley.

Agricultural Service Providers: 

  • Includes agriculture related companies, organizations, associations, etc. that have a place of business in the Skagit Valley and provide services within Skagit Valley.
  • For the purposes of the authorized use of the Mark, Skagit Valley is generally defined as all of the geographic area within Skagit County.