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Natural, handcrafted soaps made in the heart of the Skagit Valley, Washington. Pure leaf lard from Mesman Farm is creates a nourishing and long-lasting bar of body soap. Therapeutic grade essential oils and Skagit-grown lavender flowers compliment the luxurious lather of each bar of Handcrafted Lard & Lavender Soap. Premium ingredients also include organic coconut oil, local raw honey, and organic blue corn for texture. Lavender and jasmine scent the bars.

Why pork leaf lard? To quote from maker, Lacey Zope of Leaf Soaps, “Leaf Lard is an amazing emollient and nourishes skin with Vitamins E and D.  In balms, it helps protect skin from harsh weather and soften wrinkles while not being overly greasy. In soaps, it lends to an outstanding rich lather that is not overly drying.  It is non-comedogenic, meaning it wont clog pores. For hundreds of years it has been used to heal and protect skin.” Centuries-old tradition lend themselves to the handcrafted soap that Lacey has perfected. Her workshop is located in Burlington, Washington.

Mesman Farm was established in 1905. Fifth generation owners, Ben and Chelsy Mesman, continue their family’s diary farming tradition in La Conner, WA. The family also sells 100% organic and pastured beef, lamb, and pork. They raise Gloucestershire Old Spots because they are known for their high fat and delicious flavor. Organic veggies from Waxwing Farm supplement their feed and the piglets delight all who visit the Mesman Farm Store.