Genuine Skagit Cooking - peeling fava beans. Photo: Charity Burggraaf
Photo: Charity Burggraaf

Genuine Skagit Cooking

Genuine Skagit Cooking

A cookbook celebrating the Skagit Valley

Recipe submissions close February 1, 2022

From Our Home to Your Table

Genuine Skagit Cooking (working title) welcomes Skagit residents to open their recipe boxes and share their prized dishes in celebration of the farm-raised flavors of the Skagit Valley. It is a collaboration between Genuine Skagit Valley and Raspberry Bow Press, an independent book press located in Skagit. Genuine Skagit Cooking will bring to life the region’s agricultural way of life, inviting both locals and others across the country into the kitchen to cook the Skagit way.  

“Since the first commercial harvest of potatoes in 1853, Skagit farmers and their fertile soil have supplied the Northwest, nation, and world with nearly every crop imaginable,” said Blake Vanfield, director of Genuine Skagit Valley. “We’re now taking the tastes of the Valley one step further and sharing farm-fresh recipes straight from the kitchens of our little corner of the country to homes across the globe.”

Acclaimed food photographer Charity Burggraaf has been tapped to capture the beauty of food for the cookbook. Throughout 2022, she will be documenting the Valley’s growing season and photographing the various stages of the community-submitted recipes.

How to submit a recipe

We’re seeking recipe submissions from Genuine Skagit Valley members, regional producers, and Skagit Valley residents for an upcoming cookbook highlighting the unique agricultural landscape of the area and the foods grown here.


  • Maximum 2 recipes per producer/business
  • Recipes must include at least 2 ingredients that are cultivated in Skagit Valley
  • If a recipe isn’t original, include several twists that make it your own as well as credit for the original
  • Recipes can range from main dishes to snacks, beverages, and even personal care products like soaps or bath soak 

Recipe Submission Form

If the recipe is not original, please note here who the original author is.
A strong headnote includes elements such as a description of the dish, a memory associated with the dish, who the dish reminds you of, how the dish is tied to your business, and/or how you created the dish; about 3 to 6 sentences.
Please list specific measurements and necessary preparation prior to the directions. A minimum of two ingredients need to be from crops or food produced in the Skagit Valley.
Please list farms or food producers.
Please including stove and/or oven temperatures; recommended sizes for bowls, pots, pans, etc.; a time cue plus a visual cue for doneness; and storage instructions including how long the dish will last.
Additional notes for substitutions, alternate cooking methods, extra seasonings, etc.


  • Submitting a recipe is not a guarantee that it will be published. Our goal is to include as many producers as possible in order to best reflect the community, but we will evaluate submissions based on diversity (for example, if we receive three zucchini bread recipes, we’ll only be able to include one) and how much room we have in the book. 
  • If your contribution is selected, you’ll be sent an agreement for signature. We are unable to pay contributors for their submissions, but you’ll receive 1 copy of the book.
  • Your recipe will be copyedited for grammar and spelling, and to make it consistent with the other recipes in the book. This includes implementing consistent phrasing for the same kinds of steps or techniques throughout the book or listing an ingredient used in multiple recipes in the same way. Your recipe will not look exactly as it did when you submitted it.