Fairhaven Mill
Fairhaven Mill in Burlington, WA has been producing local, organic whole-grain flour since 1974. Photo courtesy of Fairhaven Mill.
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Fairhaven Mill

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Nestled between the Cascade Mountains and the San Juan Islands, Fairhaven Mill in Burlington, Washington is a family and farmer-owned certified organic flour mill that has been a force for good in the community ever since their humble beginning as a small co-op in 1974.

A commitment to community and healthy living are values that have bonded them with farmers, bakers, and chefs committed to working with real, clean, organic flour. Products include whole grain flours as well as specialty and gluten-free flours. When it comes to healthy living, Fairhaven Mill is all in, and so is their flour. Nothing is sifted out during the milling process–whole kernels go in and 100% flour goodness comes out.

At the heart of their mill is their tested and true impact milling system that produces exceptionally fine, consistently granulated 100% whole-grain flour. The mill agitates the grain kernels at extremely high speeds causing the kernels to shatter against one another and the spinning mill surfaces until every part of the grain (the germ, bran, endosperm) are all uniform in size, resulting in flours with unparalleled texture and balance.

Their system captures and keeps all of the nutritional benefits of the entire grain, including the all of oils and amino acids that contribute to the spectacular functionality of their flours. The mill team measures the moisture of our grains as they come from the farm and don’t premoisten or temper the grains before milling. By keeping track of these moisture levels they are able to ensure their flours are fresh and fragrant right out of the bag. They provide a “best by” date on each bag, and while they are shelf stable, they are best stored in cool dry storage.

Taste the goodness of goods baked with Fairhaven Mill flour at Skagit Landing Restaurant & Catering and The Landing at Skagit Acres.

We recently spoke with Bob Eckles, General Manager at Fairhaven Mill, who was happy to tell us about his favorite #SkagitGrown crop:

“I do love to see the tulips come into bloom in the spring as they carpet the Valley with such grand and vivid colors. They’re a beautiful sight and such an icon of the Skagit Valley.” says Bob.

We definitely agree with that tulip time beauty in the Skagit Valley, Bob!

If you’re looking to give the gift of the Skagit Valley to the bakers on your holiday list, check out Fairhaven Mill’s website for special gift boxes that can be purchased locally or shipped to you nationwide. You can also find Fairhaven Mill’s flour locally at Skagit Acres in Mount Vernon as well as at two of our GSV Pantry shelf locations – Primrose Antiques and Gifts at Christianson’s Nursery & Greenhouse as well as The Skagit Valley Food Coop.

Fairhaven Mill often runs in-store and online specials on their flour products that consumers can learn about through their social media channels and by subscribing to their newsletter

As a founding member of the Genuine Skagit Valley program, we’re so happy to feature Fairhaven Mill as this week’s #GSVMemberMonday feature. Thank you for supporting the GSV program and for providing such a wonderful Skagit Valley product!

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