Waxwing Farm
Waxwing Farm. Photo by Stephanie Forrer
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Waxwing Farm

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Waxwing Farm is a Certified Organic, small scale, diverse vegetable farm. Owners Arielle Luckmann and Taylor Barker focus on providing exceptional produce directly to their Skagit Valley community. Both Taylor and Arielle share the responsibilities of all the diverse ins and outs of running a small farm business, from field work to bookkeeping. Both grew up in Western Washington, and met working on small organic farms in the Skagit Valley.

Arielle Luckmann and Taylor Barker of Waxwing Farm in Mount Vernon, WA. Photo by Jessamyn Tuttle

Arielle is grateful to do work that puts her outside most of the day. Cooking dinner and birding walks are her two favorite hobbies, and she is an accomplished musician that has played the fiddle for over 27 years. Find some of her music at www.scarletlocomotive.com

Taylor has worked on vegetable farms in Western Washington since 2012.  He is a fan of plants in general, large breakfasts, and living along the estuary of the Skagit river. Some of his favorite animals are frogs, owls, and porcupines.

Waxwing Farmstand is open Wednesday 10am-5pm and will open on Saturdays 10am-2pm a bit later in the season. The farm is Certified Organic by the WSDA, and farmers Arielle and Taylor grow a wide variety of high quality produce, including their famous salad mix, spinach, head lettuces and other greens, peas, herbs, carrots, beets, radishes, heirloom and specialty tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers, and so much more! Additionally, they are a pick up site for products from local Water Tank Bakery and they regularly carry their croutons, cookies, and granola in the stand. Locally raised ground beef and pork are available from Mesman Farm at the stand as well.

We recently spoke with Ariel who shared her thoughts on her favorite Skagit Grown vegetable:

“My favorite Skagit Valley Grown veggie (that we grow) is peas! They signal spring and the start of a new season for me. I love when we put the posts in to trellis them and suddenly the farm looks different in a way that feels so nice and promising. I also love their white flowers, and walking through the tall rows as I tie them up or pick them. They are of course delicious to eat, and I always feel so rich when I can make pea dish after pea dish for dinner!”

2023 promises to be an exciting year at Waxwing Farm. A new baby arrived in early March. Many congratulations to Arielle and Taylor and a warm welcome to Pearl – we can’t wait to meet the newest little farmer! Thank you for supporting the Genuine Skagit Valley program, Waxwing Farm! We’re so proud to feature you as this week’s #GSVMemberMonday farm.

Waxwing Farm was part of our 2022 Farmstand Fresh program.
Hear Arielle explain what she enjoys about Skagit Valley farming and also listen for a great recipe idea to try later this summer!

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