Food Waste Prevention Week

Take the Pledge For Food Waste Prevention Week

In April, take a pledge to reduce food waste, then take actions to prevent, reduce, divert. Little actions when doing this all together makes a big difference. The stats on food waste are staggering. When we consider the cumulative effect.

Did you know? On average, American households are throwing away 6.2 cups of food per week!

For example:

Skagit County has ~51,000 households

6 cups per household per week = ~ 48oz or 3 pounds

3 pounds per week x  52 week = 156 pounds per year/household

156 pounds/household x 51,000 Skagit households = 7,956,000 pounds or 3,978 tons/year or 11 tons per day ends up in our landfill.

The cost of food waste is estimated to be $1200 – $1800/year for a family of 4.

The burden on the planet and the pocketbook makes for a compelling reason to take action. Take the pledge to prevent food waste this April. Join the WSU Skagit County Extension at the Port of Skagit on Monday April 6th from 9 a.m. to Noon for cooking classes, a composting demo, a food drive, and more. Information HERE.