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Skagit’s Best Salsa Company

Skagit’s Best Salsa, located in Anacortes, WA, was started in 2010 by Jill Rohrs and Kirt Rohrs. Inspired by encouragment from others, Jill and Kirt’s Skagit Valley based business began when Jill would share her handmade salsas at parties and potlucks, where friends and family would first say, “This is the best salsa I’ve ever tasted!” Then, “Where can I get more of this?” was followed by, “You should sell this stuff. It’s great!”

The first batches of Salsa were officially sold in December 2010 and as the business grew, Kirt’s extensive grocery experience helped the business to research and source quality ingredients, labels, packaging and and markets. Today, Skagit’s Best Salsa employs a team of five who help craft and deliver the salsa which has become such a familiar staple for many household gatherings here in Skagit County.

Some of the team at Skagit’s Best Salsa Company happily making batches of salsa at their kitchen headquarters in Anacortes, WA. Photo courtesy of Skagit’s Best Salsa Company.

Skagit’s Best offers three varieties of salsa, including Timid, Medium…ish and HOT. The salsas are made in small batches, full of ripe tomatoes, fresh cilantro, crisp onions, zesty peppers, garlic, lime juice and flavorful spices. Skagit’s Best only uses the finest quality ingredients and never adds vinegar to any of their salsas so paired foods shine through.

Skagit’s Best Salsa is available in three varieties – Timid, Medium…ish, and HOT. The salsas can be found at larger and independent grocery stores as well as local farmstands.

You can find Skagit’s Best Salsa in larger grocery stores as well as independent grocers, restaurants and breweries, including Skagit’s Own Fish Market, Schuh Farms and through the Puget Sound Food Hub. Their website lists all of the locations where their salsas are available.

We recently asked Jill what her favorite Skagit grown crop was. Here’s what she had to say:

“My favorite ‘Skagit crop’ has got to be all the kids we are growing in this valley! They are bright, diverse, all geniuses and I get a kick out of each one.  They are nurtured by their families and bloom at various stages. Each one is unique but together they are our collective hopes and dreams for a better future for our planet.” 

With Superbowl Sunday fast approaching, we look forward to serving as many products from Skagit Valley based producers as possible – including Skagit’s Best Salsa. Thank you Jill, Kirt, and the team at Skagit’s Best Salsa for your membership and support of the Genuine Skagit Valley program. We look forward to partnering with you!

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