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The La Conner Weekly News covers events and activities on both sides of the Swinomish Channel and extending out to Bayview, Conway, Anacortes and Mount Vernon, with over 2,000 copies printed weekly.
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La Conner Weekly News

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The La Conner Weekly News has continued the tradition of publishing a newspaper weekly in La Conner, WA since 1879 – the longest continuous weekly publishing in Washington state. The La Conner Weekly News covers events and activities on both sides of the Swinomish Channel and extending out to Bayview, Conway, Anacortes and Mount Vernon. With over 2,000 copies printed weekly, 900 copies are sent directly to subscribers and 1,100 are made available at local retail establishments and newspaper boxes including the Pioneer Market, The La Conner Post Office, La Conner Drug, and more.

Ken Stern, owner of the Weekly News, moved to La Conner to purchase the Weekly News in June 2017 and started his publishing career that July. The Weekly News was his first newspaper job since his 1980 college graduation when he minored in journalism. Now in its 7th year under Ken’s guidance, the Weekly News employs 4 part time staff and several local freelance reporters, photographers, and production members who all work tirelessly to get the Weekly News out to their readers every Wednesday – come rain or shine.

Stern wants people to know that subscribing to your local newspaper is vitally important for any local community, for reasons small and large. “People want to know about their kids in school, they want to know about the July 4th parade, that there’s a town government, and a school board. So there’s this whole community aspect they want to know about.” he says. Ken also mentions the importance of promoting democracy – a service that a local newspaper helps to provide. People are able to make their voices heard at a greater community level and it allows thoughtful discussion amongst neighbors. Subscriptions are vital to keep an independent, local newspaper going. Subsciptions to the La Conner Weekly News may be read in print or online.

Stern recently decided that he would like to retire from the Weekly News, and earlier this year made the difficult decision to announce that he is looking to sell the newspaper so he can do so. According to the News’s website, Ken states, “I am ready to retire. It is your turn now. Buy yourself your next job and expand your career until you retire.” Interested parties are encouraged to reach out to the Weekly News directly at 360-202-4660 or the Weekly News website.

We were excited to find out the answer to our most important question of all, so we recently caught up with Ken at the Weekly News office in La Conner to find out what his favorite Skagit grown crop was. Here’s what he had to say:

“Brussels Sprouts!” he stated with a big grin. “Brussels Sprouts have a complex, deep flavor and they are actually pretty varied on how they can be prepared. My favorite way to enjoy them is to sautée them when I make a vegetable and salmon (dish)”

A big supporter of Genuine Skagit Valley since the very beginning (and one of our first 5 founding members!), we can’t say enough good things about Ken and the newspaper staff over at the La Conner Weekly News. Their unwavering support of the GSV Program, all our Skagit County producers, and sharing local news relating to the Magic Skagit has really contributed to making our area such a wonderful, community driven place. We hope you’ll consider a subscription to the Weekly News and supporting this local treasure.

Thank you for allowing us to feature you as our #GSVMemberMonday feature La Conner Weekly News!

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