Bow Sanctuary by Goodchance Creative
Bow Sanctuary by Kelsey Chance, GoodChance Creative
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Bow Sanctuary: #GSVMemberMonday Feature

Bow Sanctuary is located in a special place where the Chuckanut Mountains meet the bountiful Skagit Valley. Founders Brian and Beth Rusk and Brittany and Jonny Kemp are creating a space for peace, tranquility, and community there. A group with diverse backgrounds, varied skills, and unique knowledge and passions, all coming together to hold space for you.

We recently asked Bow Sanctuary co-owner and owner of Farmwild in Bellingham Brian Rusk what his favorite #SkagitValley fruit or vegetable was and he said:⁠

“Strawberries for sure. Because they are so sweet and juicy and they boom your mouth with flavor.”

At Bow Sanctuary, beautiful Japanese inspired Pacific Northwest gardens are an offering to locals and visitors alike to enjoy many modalities both in a group and one-on-one. Yoga and body movement, yoga therapy, massage, meditation, somatic experiencing, and much more.

We’re grateful to have the support of Bow Sanctuary and encourage you to visit this magical place in the Skagit Valley.

📷️: Kelsey Chance, GoodChance Creative