Skagit Gleaners

Growing For Good

Celebrating inclusion within the local food system through the BIPOC Farmer Collaboration

Skagit Gleaners and Northwest Agriculture Business Center (NABC) have joined forces to collaborate in a new project: The BIPOC Farmer Collaboration.

Every week, Skagit Gleaners purchases fresh fruits, vegetables, and culturally appropriate foods exclusively from local BIPOC owned farms, largely Mexican-indigenous farms. The farms they purchase from include Pure Nelida, Cabrera Farms, Farias Farm, Verduras Organicas Mexicanas, and Regino Farms.

Food purchases are completed with NABC as a conduit, who have the necessary connections/relationships and ties with thriving local BIPOC owned farms. NABC facilitates the food purchases every week, of which creates an aggregated revenue stream of up to $2,000 every month to local BIPOC owned farms. Starting this year, Skagit Gleaners has budgeted $25,000 each year to purchase food from BIPOC owned farms, with the help from NABC.

Seattle’s King 5 Television recently aired a story about the BIPOC Farmer Collaboration program here.

As an anti-hunger organization, Skagit Gleaners believes they have a responsibility to design intentional programs that work to decolonize harmful food structures and further exacerbate low wages in agricultural jobs, with a special focus on minority owned farms. They believe that this is is a vital step in closing a feedback loop of the industrial food security complex.

Shop GSV is in support of our local agricultural economy and community. This holiday season, a portion of the proceeds made from our online store will be donated to the BIPOC Farmer Collaboration. 

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