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Skagit Valley Malting: #GSVMemberMonday Feature

Skagit Valley Malting was founded in 2011 with the promise of a pursuit of flavor for craft brewers, distillers, and culinary customers. SVM brings the flavorful terroir of the bountiful Skagit River Valley to their products from a place outside of the traditional commodified malt system. With patented technology that is designed for variance in raw materials instead of homogeneity, award-winning Skagit Valley Malting continues to push the boundaries of Premium Craft Malt in the US.

With over 80 different crops grown each year in the Skagit Valley, it is an important agricultural region for our state and country. By creating the highest value market for barley, SVM has made it more viable to be a farmer here in the Skagit Valley.

Barley is grown in the Valley for crop rotation, nutrient replenishment in the soil, and as a cover crop. SVM adds value for their barley growers, customers, and end consumers by anchoring beer and spirits to our region. GSV founding members Terramar Brewstillery and Garden Path Fermentation exclusively use Skagit Valley malts in their products.

SVM also offers products from growers that are Certified Organic, Salmon Safe, and Rainforest Alliance Certified. Along with these certifications on the growing side, they’ve also adapted their malting practices and energy usage to reduce their carbon footprint and move towards a zero waste facility.

In 2019 SVM transitioned all of their energy purchasing to renewable resources – wind and solar, through Puget Sound Energy’s Green Power program. They also have a solar array on the roof of their malthouse. Their malting by-products (rootlets and other organic materials) go to on-farm digesters to generate electricity through decomposition of organic matter.

We recently reached out to the team at Skagit Valley Malting and asked, “What Skagit Valley fruit or vegetable is your favorite?” Here’s what they said:

“Our team LOVES the tomatoes from Hedlin Farms. We even grabbed a few flats for a customer event last year. They were a huge hit!”

The valley is our home. As founding members of the Genuine Skagit Valley program, we couldn’t be more proud to partner with Skagit Valley Malting and what they stand for. Thank you for being our #GSVMemberMonday feature!

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