The 12th Man Smoothie with Bow Hill Blueberries

Bow Hill Blueberries 12th Man Smoothie

It’s game day every day with Bow Hill Blueberries’ 12th Man Smoothie. Take advantage of the health benefits of blueberries before the tailgating begins! Both Organic Heirloom Blueberry Powder, frozen berries and Organic Heirloom Blueberry Juice add a nutritious boost to this smoothie. The powder, antioxidant-rich, high fiber and nutrient-dense, is made from a blend of pure Rubel and Jersey skins. The juice is Winner of the 2019 Good Food Awards and just 2 ounces has 68 berries’ worth of juice!

Blueberries from Skagit Valley offer more sugar per pound than anywhere else in the state due to the ideal cool summer weather, allowing the berries to ripen slowly. Half of the annual crop yield is sold to the fresh market, and the other half is processed. Approximately 5,000 acres are in cultivation which generates almost $22 million in revenue for Skagit Valley farmers.

Go Seahawks and Go Blueberries!